“The Adaura team has been critical in customizing products for our demands. When specific frequencies were required, Adaura Technologies provided tailored solutions quickly.”

- Bill Shimandle, Director of Manufacturing



Mimosa needed dependable RF test devices for its lab development and factory quality testing


Tight hardware and software integration coupled with uncompromising quality control


Adaura Technologies provided ultra-reliable testing solutions as well as excellent white-glove software integration support


Mimosa is thrilled with the products and services provided by Adaura Technologies



The world is going wireless, and Mimosa is helping to bridge the transition to an exciting, untethered post-copper era with its state-of-the-art outdoor devices, which include backhaul radios and access points featuring gigabit throughput and cutting-edge Massive MIMO technology. Founded in California in 2012, Mimosa was the first manufacturer of 4x4 MIMO radios in its industry and has already become an award-winning designer and supplier of cloud-managed, hybrid fiber-wireless (HFW) network solutions by leveraging a disruptive low-cost chip technology. As the next generation of fixed wireless communications rolls out across the globe, Mimosa is at the forefront of that sea change in broadband networks.

One Weak Link

In a competitive industry, quality is what sets manufacturers like Mimosa apart from the rest. But one weak link in that supply chain can jeopardize the build and performance of the final product.

Mimosa had been sourcing single-channel attenuator units from a well-known supplier for use in laboratory testing of their point-to-point radio systems, a custom-designed process that consisted of a rigorous proprietary calibration and performance assay. These attenuators were a vital part of the testing setup because they simulated the real-world signal path loss that Mimosa’s devices would have to overcome in a wide variety of rural, suburban and urban applications.

Unfortunately, Mimosa encountered significant issues with the communication port of those attenuator units. The supplier had implemented the integrated circuits in a way that made them prone to failure, resulting in unacceptable test scenarios that didn’t allow for the reliability and repeatability necessary for the strenuous quality control for which Mimosa is renowned. This in turn led to costly manufacturing delays. Adding insult to injury, Mimosa had to invest time and resources in completing the RMA process for each of their faulty attenuator units.

“Adaura Technologies has phenomenal support for their products,” says Bill Shimandle, Director of Manufacturing at Mimosa. “When we were up against tight deadlines and needed factory software integration support, they arrived onsite and provided integration of the necessary Python scripts. We were up and running in no time!”

The Adaura Solution

Mimosa approached Adaura Technologies directly in the hope that we could supply single-channel attenuator units that would live up to their unconventionally high testing and manufacturing standards. Not only did Adaura supply RF attenuators that exceeded Mimosa’s requirements, we provided bespoke hardware and software integration support for their test devices. This introduced an unprecedented level of ease of control and automation that enabled Mimosa to refine its quality control process even further and meet its manufacturing goals.