How to Upgrade Your AD-USB Firmware

Upgrading the firmware for your AD-USB device is a very simple process.

To perform the upgrade, you will need a Windows computer along with the USB flash drive provided with your device. If you need a copy of the thumb drive files, please contact support.

This upgrade consists of three steps.

  1. Put the device into bootload mode
  2. Load the new firmware file
  3. Reset the device


Put the Device Into Bootload Mode

To turn on bootloading mode, connect to your AD-USB device with PuTTy and issue the “fw_bootload” command. PuTTy is located in the Utilities folder on your USB thumb drive.

Once this command has been issue, close PuTTy and disconnect the USB cable to your device.

Load the new firmware file

To load the new firmware file, open the AdauraTech Bootloader 1.0 Application. The window should acknowledge that the device is connected and ready.

Use the three buttons to open the new file, load the file onto the device, then reset the device.


Once you’ve reset the device, you’re good to go!



For additional assistance, please contact support