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Hybrid Over the Air Throughput Measurement (HOTA)

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4-Channel RF

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4-channel RF attenuator with 100dB chain-to-chain isolation

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AdauraTech manufactures high performance programmable RF attenuators for wireless and loT devices. Our 2- and 4-channel attenuators offer an efficient, dependable and low cost solution for both small and large companies in the wireless / IoT industries.

Our RF testing equipment is widely customizable, conforms to all international RF testing standards, and comes with a lengthy 2 year warranty. With AdauraTech, you can rely on long-term technical support and customer service while using our hardware.

If you’re looking for a programmable RF attenuator that is reliable, easy to use, highly customizable, and more cost effective than other attenuators on the market today, give us a call or check out our latest products here.