AD-USB R3 Series Overview

AdauraTech Helps Ensure Wireless Products Actually Work in the Real World with New RF Attenuators

The AD-USB R3 is AdauraTech’s latest design in the AD-USB series of programmable RF attenuators. Combining all the best features of the previous models, the R3 is the new series flag ship. With a completely custom machine aluminum enclosure, the R3 boasts 95dB of attenuation. The addition of Ethernet allows EASY implementation into the most modern of test setups by allowing network control via HTTP web interface or direct Telnet while the USB port powers the device and allows for serial communication.

Model Channels Impedance (Ohm) Frequency (Mhz) Attenuation Range (dB) Step Size (dB) RF Connectors Communication Price Explore
AD-USB8AR38G95 8 50 0.05 - 8000 0 - 95 0.25 SMA Female USB & Ethernet $3,500 In stock
AD-USB4AR38G95 4 50 0.05 - 8000 0 - 95 0.25 SMA Female USB & Ethernet $2,700 In stock
AD-USB4AR36G95 4 50 0.005 - 6000 0 - 95 0.25 SMA Female USB & Ethernet $2,300 In stock
AD-USB1AR36G95 1 50 0.005 - 6000 0 - 95 0.25 SMA Female USB & Ethernet $550 In stock
AD-USB4APT5 4 50 50 - 6000 0 - 63 0.5 SMA Female USB $1,300 In stock
AD-USB2APT5 2 50 50 - 6000 0 - 63 0.5 SMA Female USB $700 In stock

Why is the R3 a superior RF attenuator?

Cost Effective

The AD-USB line of programmable RF attenuators provides high-performance at an unheard of price, allowing the expansion of test setups in laboratories and factories all over the world.


Utilizing cutting-edge components and designs, AdauraTech RF attenuators can deliver stable and precise attenuation for any test. Easy to use USB and Ethernet interfaces provides quick implementation into any setup.


Don't settle for stability issues. AdauraTech's superior and highly-optimized software allows our devices to be relied upon in any long term testing.


We love our products, and we know you will too. We want you to be successful with your device no matter where you are, so we offer our customers full support as fast as we are able.


HTTP Webpage GUI 

The R3 series can be easily controlled across a network via an HTTP GUI. No need to install any applications. Simply load up a web browser and begin sending the device commands immediately.


Serial Over USB Communication

…allows extremely FAST integration into existing test setups. Using any common serial console program, simply connect to the device to send it commands.

The  R3 is ideal for cellular, microwave radio, IoT, MU-MIMO, and WiFi MIMO engineering development and manufacturing test. Each unit offers up to 4 channels of attenuations in as low as  0.25dB increments. Accessories include manual, GUI, programming guide, program examples on USB flash drive, along with a 5' USB Type A to B Cable and 5' CAT6 Ethernet Cable. The unit is constructed in a robust compact housing with SMA female ports. Software drivers are not required for Linux machines. Simply connect to the unit like any serial device using common Linux tools such as Minicom.


Quickly locate a device 

Stacking multiple units? Not a problem! Physically locate any device by sending the locate command to any unit based on its serial number.

This will blink the power LED on that unit for 10 seconds.


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