Installing your AD-USB device drivers for serial control in Windows is a quick process.

In a Linux or Mac OS environment, drivers are not required. Simply connect your AD-USB device and connect to it like any other serial connection.

Step 1: Plug the device in and open Device Manager.

The unit will appear as an unknown device.

Step 2: Update driver

Begin the driver installation by right-clicking on the unknown device and selecting Update driver.

Step 3: Browse for the driver file

Located on the provided USB drive or downloadable on our website.

Step 4: Navigate to the appropriate driver folder

Navigate to and select the Windows Driver folder on your AdauraTech USB thumb drive.

Step 5: Windows will find the driver and install it

If a message box appears asking to trust the device manufacturer, click Yes.

Step 6: Done!

The device will now appear in your Device Manager with an assigned COM port.

For additional assistance, please contact support