Who are we?

Rooted in Silicon Valley but serving a global customer base, AdauraTech was founded in 2013 by RF, microwave and system automation experts. Since the very beginning, our top priority has been to provide professionals working in those fields with reliable, high-performance testing equipment at an attractive price point.

  • Founded: 2013

  • Geography: California’s Silicon Valley

  • Customers:  LTE, WiFi MIMO (including WiFi 6E), IoT, Industrial, Space & Military

Adaura Technologies is an ITAR registered manufacturer and maintains an export control program which complies with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR Part 122).

While the wireless industry reaches new technological breakthroughs in efficiency and affordability, the supporting infrastructure of test & measurement equipment has changed very little. Previously, high cost and complexity reigned supreme. AdauraTech specializes in affordable, high-performance programmable RF attenuators and instruments for the development and validation of wireless and loT devices worldwide.

Our Priorities

#1 in Customer Service

Our customer-centric approach to service always puts your needs first.

Wide Range of Customization Options

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our skilled engineers are always ready to customize a solution for your specific application.

2 Year Warranty

We love our products and stand by their quality.

Product Availability

Don’t settle for long lead times. In stock orders ship within hours of receiving the order.

Customer’s Trust and Confidence

Our customers trust not only our products but our ability to support them.

Ultra Reliable

Our platform is reliable in the harshest of test applications. Get the job done right with our best in class technology.

Adaura Technologies solves WiFi test issues.

• Small startups in IoT and wireless industries cannot afford the large expense (and complexity) of yesterday’s testing equipment, which means they often don’t validate if their wireless products will actually work in the real world

• Large companies need to innovate quickly to stay competitive, and in order to do so, they need high performance testing equipment that is easy to implement and use, while also being dependable enough to handle heavy testing loads for years to come.

Adaura Technologies solves both of these issues.

Our product portfolio includes power dividers, delay line simulators and control hubs with a specialization in programmable RF attenuators for the development and validation of wireless and IoT devices around the world. We also take pride in engineering custom solutions for clients who need to address very specific use cases or niche applications.

Today, we count industry leaders like Google, Intel, MIT, NASA, Telstra and Verizon among our customers. Yet we also continue to serve many smaller-scale companies who value the affordability and uncompromising quality of our testing equipment.

The AdauraTech Difference

In a competitive field with several established players, our unwavering customer focus is what sets us apart.

We develop AdauraTech equipment with a firsthand knowledge of the features testing engineers are looking for, and we continue to refine our hardware as well as our software through ongoing dialogue with our customers.

Superior quality products

That’s why we put particular emphasis on qualities like ease of use, reliability, customization, long-term technical support, adherence to international standards, flexibility and, importantly, cost-effectiveness.

What that boils down to is this: We use high-quality components that are made for durability and precision. We don’t add unnecessary functionality that only leads to inflated price tags. Our devices are designed to be incredibly easy to implement and flexible enough to support almost any testing environment. And our responsiveness to issues and requests is as close as you can get to personalized service.

AdauraTech Mission

AdauraTech specializes in affordable, high-performance programmable RF attenuators for the development and validation of wireless and loT devices worldwide.