Updating your device’s firmware is quick and easy.

Duration: 2-5 minutes


  • Windows PC
  • Bootloader Application (USB flash drive or download on our Support page)
  • New firmware file (download on our Support page)

Step 1: Initiate Bootloading mode on the device

There are multiple ways to enter bootloading mode on your device to accept a new firmware file.

  • Method 1:  HTTP Webpage
    Enter bootloading by navigating to the Configuration tab on the device’s HTTP webpage.
    Click the button shown below.
  • Method 2:  HTTP URL
    Enter bootloading mode by sending the fw_bootload command to the device by the URL address.

    (example IP address used)
  • Method 3: Desktop Application
    Enter bootloading mode by starting the AdauraControl desktop application and navigating to the Configuration tab.
  • Method 4: Serial connection (such as PuTTY)
    Enter bootloading mode by opening a serial connection to the device using a terminal program such as PuTTY.
    Once connected, issue the fw_bootload command.

Step 2: Load the new firmware

Open the Adaura Bootloader desktop application and press the Connect button.

Load the new .hex firmware file downloaded from our support page.

Press the program button

Press the Start button.

Your device should now be updated.

For additional assistance, please contact support