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Error Reporting – Exceptions

Error reporting in this module consists of the exceptions below:

exception serial_connection.SerialConnectionError

Base exception class for the exceptions raised by this module.

 exception serial_connection.SendError(serial_number, name)

Failed to send data to the device error.

 exception serial_connection.ReceiveError(serial_number, name)

Failed to receive data from the device error.

 exception serial_connection.OpenError(serial_number, name)

Failed to open port error.

 exception serial_connection.CloseError(serial_number, name)

Failed to close port error.

exception serial_connection.TooManyDevicesForSerialNumberError(serial_number, names)

Too many devices found for serial number error.

 exception serial_connection.NoDevicesForSerialNumberError(serial_number)

No device found for serial number error.