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Key Features

  • Sleek design allows versatile use across test setups

  • Compact size fits on top of lab benches or inside chambers

  • Condenses 8 Virtual COM ports down to 1

  • Installs easily on a wide range of operating systems, including Linux, OS X, and Windows. Deploy any set up within minutes!


The OptiMeasure Series IoT Control Unit (AD-USBCH) provides a scalable platform for all of Adaura Technology’s line of RF test devices.

Ideal for IoT and Massive MIMO test environments, the AD-USBCH allows engineers to connect up to 8 AD-USB4A attenuator devices under a single USB Virtual COM Port (VCP) or Ethernet (Telnet) connection to take command of 32 attenuator chains. As well, this platform will be compatible with all Adaura Technology’s future USB test devices.

Bringing plug and play to the world of IoT and MIMO RF testing…


Traditional USB hubs are great for connecting multiple devices. However, they still require separate connections to be made to each device. The AD-USBCH gives test and automation engineers the ability to control all Adauratech RF test devices from a single connection, eliminating the need for managing so many instances.

For example, with a single AD-USB4A Attenuator, the command to change the attenuation of all chains would be “SAA X”.

With the OptiMeasure Series Control Hub, adjusting all chains via Telnet or Virtual COM Port on the AD-USB4A unit plugged into Port 4 would be “Port4 SAA X”.


Control A.) Ethernet (Telnet)
B.) USB (Virtual COM Port)
Power A.) 1A from USB AC Adapter
B.) 500mA from USB Port
Compatibility Windows, Linux, OS X
Number of USB Ports 8
Included in the Package – (1) AD-USBCH Control Hub
– (1) 6′ USB Cable
– (1) 7′ Cat5E Ethernet Cable
– USB stick containing documentation, Windows drivers, and Control Application
– Rubber feet
Export Info
HTS #: 8533.29.0000

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in
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